This mans view on racial profiling in the USA

08 Mar

OK let’s tackle the 400lb Gorilla in the room…”racial profiling”..oh nooo not that! If memory serves me correctly in this country for decades our government has been attacking on all fronts the Italian, Irish,Mexican, Russian, Latino,Crips and Bloods, all crime organizations which requires them to do all sorts of missions in and around the different areas where all these organizations are set up.There are alot of good people who live in these areas who may aid law enforcement due to having specific knowledge of who the “bad guys” are, seeing as they live within the streets they roam. At the same time there are innocent people who get swept up in an operation only to be let go once they are found to be of no affiliation. Now I don’t hear any whining going on against this practice.I have been stopped and questioned because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time,but didn’t get all pissy and whiny. So this begs the question, am I to believe that a person who moves to this country and is of Middle Eastern descent should be afforded special rights? To the best of my knowledge the aforementioned groups had nothing to do with taking down buildings and killing innocent people.I am terribly sorry (not really),but if a person of Middle Eastern descent feels “violated”because they are looked at strangely or even questioned, need I remind you of the area of the world that you have left! Guess what people….it is 2011 grow a spine and deal with it!! I am quite sure that this little inconvenience is far less than the reason you left “The Motherland” for a new life in the wonderful land of the free.Here is a suggestion…Take that energy you use to whine and maybe you might try organizing yourselves toward policing the areas which you live.Just maybe you may have a little better insight as to who the players may be. It certainly wouldn’t hurt now would it.If this seems like it is completely insensitive, I assure you it is not, but this is….you know where the airport is, don’t let the airplane hatch hit you on your way back on the plane for the long flight back to oppression.Then come tell me how cruel and insensitive we are. And if you disagree with me then you are worse than Hitler!

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Posted by on March 8, 2011 in Racial Profiling


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